Exclusive and super personalized services for body, mind, and soul: Private sessions, yoga teacher trainings, retreats, teambuilding events, consulting, and more!

Hi, I’m Nani

I am a passionate and versatile individual, dedicated to bringing transformation to your life through highly personalized premium services.

I am here to empower you to enhance your wellbeing on all levels – body, mind, soul, emotions, and energy.

With over 15 years of experience in the personal development space, I have honed my expertise to offer you a range of premium coaching, yoga & consulting experiences.

Whether you’d like to embark on a transformative journey, are looking to deepen the relationship with yourself, organize an unforgettable event for your team or guests, or want to become a yoga alliance accredited yoga teacher yourself, I may have just the right offer for you. 

My specialization lies in empowering individuals like you to unlock their zone of genius, leveraging their unique gifts and strengths for their highest fulfillment.

Take the first step towards your transformation by booking a free call with me, and let’s explore the endless possibilities we have to co-create your experience!


I’m not sure exactly what happened in that session. It’s beyond words that I can explain. I feel like I sifted out a lot of stuff that was going on in my mind. I don’t even remember anymore, it was so releasing. It felt like a natural flow and I felt better afterwards, much better.

– E., Colorado, USA

“Working with you is one of the best decisions of my life. She is the best! I changed so much since I know her and my life is transforming always for the better. Working with her was an activation of new possibility and my power.”

– I., Canada

“The Session with you was amazing. I felt so good and loved. You made me feel comfortable and guided me through my heart and inner self, helped me get centered and reconnect. After our session took me a couple days to process, but after I felt so good and help. My anxiety went down and I was more relaxed. I’m so grateful for you and your amazing gift. I have been practicing the ground meditation that you suggested and it help me a lot to balance my energy. I’m beyond grateful, thank you so much!!! Much love from Brazil! ❤.”

– A., Brazil

“I was totally surprised how quickly she was able to get to the bottom of my concern. Even though I listen well to my emotions, this session was so revealing! You don’t always get the chance to dig this deep into your own emotional world on such a deep level. I can highly recommend taking the chance to explore and transform with Nani’s coaching! After the coaching I felt uplifted and inspired so that I will integrate the work we did into my daily life.

– S., Germany

“Nani has such a loving, beautiful energy. I felt safe with her since we first connected – she has a very kind way of holding space, while helping me navigate through my journey. Through different practices she helped me connect with my soul, my feelings and also the present moment.”

– F., Hawaii

“I did a intense one month training with Nani. She is amazing and really did transform me and my life. I now listen to my heart and my truth! Being in her energy really opens new doors.”

– I.G., Canada

“You are wonderful Nani, really. You make me cry. Because you understand so perfectly everything that is going on with me. I don’t think anyone has ever understood me as much as you. It’s just… you get it perfectly and you always tell me what I need to hear. And when I listen to you, it fills my heart and you give me so much light. I really can’t explain it, it’s incredible.”

– N., Canaries

“Working with Nani is really wonderful. I feel like all my emotions and things I want to share are welcome. And I feel Nani is super loving. She helps me dig deep into my emotions and after every session with her I feel a wonderful positive shift. A lot of emotions also come up after the sessions. The nicest thing is that Nani is so incredibly motivating! That helps me to start my own coaching business even though I need to get out of my comfort zone. The deep emotional work also helps me to advance business wise.”

– A., Germany

“My Spirit is soaring and unfolding in ways that become uniquely possible through your presence, authentic sharing and provocative inquiry.”

– L., Canada

“I really am very, very surprised… at how things have changed in just two weeks. It has been something amazing. And my ability to see…wow…to see what happens with me and my ability to integrate every thing that is happening.”

– N., Canaries

She makes me flow and work from my center of power, and challenges me into inspired action! It is such a joy and privilege working with this amazing woman! Her feedback and support is incredibly valuable and so right!”

– R., Netherlands

Katie Buono
Katie Buono
Nani is an amazing soul—so present, mindful, intuitive and kind. It’s hard to put into words how much of a positive impact Nani has had on me, both as a personal coach and yoga teacher—the words transformative and life changing come to mind, but somehow seem to fall short. Let’s just say that, through her guidance, I’ve learned to think about my life experience differently and, as a result, feel empowered in a way I haven’t felt before. Thank you, Nani, for seeing me, listening with your whole heart and being my teacher.
Sabrina Bologna
Sabrina Bologna
Nani is an amazing Yoga Teacher in addition of being a beautiful soul. I met her during a yoga retreat in France and I got the lucky chance to meet her again years later during my yoga teacher training in Tenerife where she was one of the teachers. She lead beautiful flow vinyasa and hatha classes. But I found even more special and unique her kryas techniques from himalayas. Nani is also specialised in human design and gives useful tips about how to connect with your energetic profile and live more in alignment with your life and purpose. She is a beautiful kind soul and I totally reccommend her if you want to deepen your yoga practice or want to know more about your human design.
Bailey Curbow
Bailey Curbow
Nani is one of the most pure, genuinely beautiful souls I have ever met in my life! She teaches with such Grace in a way that is super informative, yet caring to each specific persons need. I attended a yoga teacher training and was lucky enough to have Nani as one of my mentors! She helped me transform my life in such an amazing, healing and beautiful way! Also shall I mention she has the most calming presence and voice I’ve heard. I’m forever grateful for a lifelong teacher and friend. Thank you for everything Nani, love you!
Olivia Auffarth
Olivia Auffarth
Nani has been the key to transformation for me. The beautiful thing about her services (in whatever of the multiple modalities that she offers) is that they are so tailored to you and your needs. Her services are so personal and fine tuned. Nani doesn’t necessarily try to take on your troubles or struggles or anything you desire to change, she helps you tap into your own power and transformation which is much more valuable and sustainable. Essentially she helps you come into your greatest alignment. I have worked with Nani her yoga teaching, human design coaching, and have tapped into her expertise on entrepreneurship in business as I am called to that myself. I’m every way possible she has been nothing but inspiring, empowering and has helped me transform my life.
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