I love to see you THRIVE. I love to see you DOING YOUR THING. I love to see you following your PASSIONS!

It brings me great JOY, and this is why I’m doing what I’m doing.

I’m a Visionary like you. And I like to see my Visions manifest in Reality.

This goes both for Visions that I have for myself, as well as for the world we live in. 


My Vision is a world in which everyone can do what they LOVE, what brings them JOY, what they are PASSIONATE about and naturally good at. And/ or, it just brings them so much JOY to learn it.

I believe in fun, ease, and that we are here to live and enjoy this life.

I also believe we are all here with our UNIQUE, INDIVIDUAL EXPRESSIONS OF SOUL: The combination of your gifts, skills, talents, passions is unique to you. And is so needed in this world, in the expression that is YOU. 

The more people do what they love, what brings them joy, what they are passionate about: The better resources are allocated. Because people are in  occupations that they enjoy (= they are happier, more fulfilled beings) AND things that want to get done or be created get done in the most beautiful way – by people who LOVE doing what they are doing.


Soul and business. Soulbusiness.

A business from your Soul.

(Co-)Creation in this world. 

Using the energetic and spiritual for creative play in the physical. And vice versa. Having fun with this experience!!


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“Nani is a strong radiant soul who has remarkable access to the subtleties of existence. “

Luke M., Canada

An intuition I received many moons ago.

Here to remind you of all the love & beauty that you are.

That your heart & soul may be filled with joy and laughter.

That you may celebrate this existence of yours and other beings with peace, kindness, compassion and joy. That you may never again forget who you truly are – and that you are A WONDER OF LIFE!

That you may know you deserve to be here, to feel joy, live a healthy and pleasant life – and that your life and all your experiences are PRECIOUS.

That you may feel, so you can experience life fully.

That you may know your worth, your heart, and your deserving power. That you may treat yourself and others with love, kindness, respect and compassion.

That you may live truthfully and in the authentic, beautiful and sparkling expression of your self.

That you may never be afraid to speak up, and that you may always be courageous and safe to speak and live your authentic truth!



Heart & Soul Business Coaching 
Energy Work 

I help big hearted, wonderful beings to know and share their gifts - in ways that are heart and soul fulfilling, deeply satisfying, fun and uniquely tailored to THEM!