Hi, I’m NANI

I’m passionate about helping people see and share their gifts, do what they love, and live wildly in love with life! 

I believe every single human being in this world deserves true fulfillment, happiness and love – on every level and in every way.

I also believe that we’ve been given our gifts, talents and passions for a reason. That we love what we love to do for a reason… A higher reason. And the more we do what we love: the more we contribute to the greater good. 


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  • M.Sc. in Business Administration
  • Training & Work Experience in Coaching, Management, Human Resource Development, Energy Work, Shamanic Work, Human Design, Motivation Psychology, Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship
  • 500hr+ Yoga and Meditation (Hatha, Vinyasa, Himalayan Kundalini Kriya)
  • Devotion to Love

“Nani is a strong radiant soul who has remarkable access to the subtleties of existence. “

Luke M., Canada

NANNITANANI - Life & Intuition Coach for Modern Day Visionaries


My vision is a world in which everyone can do what they LOVE, what brings them JOY, what they are PASSIONATE about and which fulfills them deeply.

I love to help people get clear on their gifts and potential and to embody it more fully, no matter if that is in a business, personal or group setting. I THRIVE and find great JOY in it. It sparks my own heart, passion and motivation. I love to see people embodying their fuller potential and to see THEM THRIVE in their uniqueness!


“Practicing with Nani is like dropping into a deep portal beyond space and time. “

Azzurro M., California

A Letter from my Heart

Here to remind you of all the love & beauty that you are.

That your heart & soul may be filled with joy and laughter.

That you may celebrate this existence of yours and other beings with peace, kindness, compassion and joy. That you may never again forget who you truly are – and that you are A WONDER OF LIFE!

That you may know you deserve to be here, to feel joy, live a healthy and pleasant life – and that your life and all your experiences are PRECIOUS.

That you may feel, so you can experience life fully.

That you may know your worth, your heart, and your deserving power. That you may treat yourself and others with love, kindness, respect and compassion.

That you may live truthfully and in the authentic, beautiful and sparkling expression of your self.

That you may never be afraid to speak up, and that you may always be courageous and safe to speak and live your authentic truth!