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find new, creative and good-feeling solutions that you’ve long pondered about

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Learning self compassion has been a massive step on my journey.

I would definitely not be where I am without it.

And it didn’t come naturally to me.

I used to be very hard and harsh on myself. Not very much knowingly – for the most parts I wasn’t aware of it. It was just automated background noise in my head, filled with self doubt and pushing myself harder.

Self compassion doesn’t mean that you don’t do anything anymore. It doesn’t mean that you don’t progress.

It does show you how to progress in healthy ways. That are alright for your body mind and soul.

It means thriving and living through healthy choices, and doing self development work (or really anything) in a way that is kind towards yourself.

Fueled by love for yourself instead of fear, shame, judgement and feelings of not-good-enoughness.

All of this is a journey, and it’s absolutely okay and normal to have self doubts and feel we don’t quite get things right sometimes.

This is also a permission to let go of perfectionism, and instead honor progress over perfection.

We are on a human journey, we have souls.

Let’s honor the humanity within us and call upon our soul essence to make this journey a loving and enjoyable one!
Workshop will be on zoom.
I’ll see you there!


May cause side effects 🙂

◆ feelings of contentment

◆ learning to trust your self again

◆ knowing you are here to show up for you

In this 1,5-2 hour Workshop on Zoom we lay foundations for a practice and awareness of Self Compassion.

Something that you take with you way beyond the duration of the Workshop.

What other people who have worked with Nani say

“Nani is a strong radiant soul who has remarkable access to the subtleties of existence. Her intuitive teaching and guidance through powerful practices give rise to profound insights and new states of consciousness in those who remain open to their own evolution.”

Luke M., Canada

I would 100 percent recommend everyone to work with Nani if they are lucky enough to get the opportunity! (…) I can’t explain enough how amazing she is, she is the kindest, caring and most beautiful person.

Anna T., Australia