Truth of Soul

A 8-12 week immersion of home coming to your very own Soul


Are you ready to find out exactly what to do, and in which direction to take your life?

Are you ready to discover what would fulfill your heart and soul, and enable you to live joyously on both material and spiritual planes?

Do you know deep down that you deserve to live a happy & fulfilling life and that you being happy serves the world?

Are you ready to let go of limiting beliefs, self-imposed limitations and let your light shine out brightly?

Are you ready to strengthen the connection to your own inner guidance that’s accessible at all times, and learn to trust yourself?

And are you SO ready to step into your power and turn your dreams into reality once and for all?

Then this is for you!

Imagine rediscovering that zest for life you had when you were younger. 

Remember how effortless it was, how things made sense and fell perfectly into place together?

Where every decision was backed by a deep sense of meaning and curiosity that was rooted in your unique values.

But somewhere along the line, that feeling slowly dissipated, right?

And without realising it, that inner truth that once guided you was gradually drowned out by the noise of the world.

I know exactly how you feel. 

Let me tell you a little story that I know is shared by thousands of others.




Your Truth of Soul: The Little Whisper


It was a little whisper at first. 


And at the age of [number], deep into my business administration degree, I was too caught up doing what was expected of me to pay attention to this whisper. 


Instead, I heard the shouts of many other competing voices, all trying to tell me what I had to do. 


The voice of money, the voice of family, and the voice of society, each claiming to have my best interests at heart.


At times, it felt like I was being pulled in a hundred different directions, and I didn’t know which way to turn.


To regain my footing, I thought I needed to do: 


  • More work to gain a head start
  • More learning to cultivate a deeper understanding
  • And more skills to grow my career


But then, I reached my breaking point – and the competing voices became silent, with no more answers to give. 


And the only one left was the one that had been there all along, waiting patiently for me to listen


The little whisper.


It was only once I tuned out the noise of the world and focused on this little whisper of truth that things started to shift. 


By following what it resonated with, I could discover the things that truly fulfilled me, brought me joy, and were aligned with my purpose. 


Today, I create space for this little whisper daily, and I’m here to help you do the same.


Like the little whisper, your ability to reclaim your truth of soul is always present within you.


So let’s take a step inwards and see where it resides


In this program you will learn to connect intimately with your intuition so you can find inner guidance for your purpose right now, in your life and any other area of your life you wish to improve on.


Techniques to connect with intuition, what intuition is, how to identify the voice of your intuition, common blocks to access intuition and how to overcome them. 


Different levels of purpose and what they mean to you, tools & techniques to use intuition on your heart’s desires and how to put insights into practice. 


Wrap-up and integration of what we’ve learned, a powerful tool to keep you on track on the path of your dreams and what to do to develop unwavering faith, commitment & confidence in your self. 


The energy and mindset to stop self-sabotaging your success and getting out of your own way. Forgiving the past, releasing old blocks and clearing up space for insights and opportunities to enter. 


What makes you special makes you unique. Perceived weaknesses can be strengths. How to turn ‘poison into nectar’, wounds into wisdom and passion into purpose.


We cover any questions that may still arise, celebrate your success and transformation and ground intentions for the present and future in a powerful energetic container. 

+ Bonuses

◆ Pranayamas and Kriyas from the Himalayas to support & strengthen your intuition


◆ A practical guide to staying connected with your intuition in everyday life no matter where you are


◆ Meditation coaching as needed within the group


◆ Private FB group to ask questions, practice sharing your magic and support each other with your unique gifts


◆ an Alumni program to stay in touch and follow up after the program is over (peer-to-peer support)

+ 1 private 30 min coaching session with me!


What other people who have worked with Nani say

“Nani is a strong radiant soul who has remarkable access to the subtleties of existence. Her intuitive teaching and guidance through powerful practices give rise to profound insights and new states of consciousness in those who remain open to their own evolution.”

Luke M., Canada

I would 100 percent recommend everyone to work with Nani if they are lucky enough to get the opportunity! (…) I can’t explain enough how amazing she is, she is the kindest, caring and most beautiful person.

Anna T., Australia



Enrollment is currently closed. 

Get on the waitlist to be notified when doors open again! 



◆ 6 weeks, 6 modules, 6 live calls in which we cover the modules above and whatever comes up for you!

◆ a private FB group container to share, ask questions, support each other and hold energetic space

◆ heart-mind-soul aligning homework with each module to dig deeper

◆ 1 bonus private session with me (30 min) to be used any time during the program to get really specific and answer individual questions you don’t want to share within the group 

◆ high energy content infused with love and all bonuses stated above

◆ practical & energetic tools & techniques to be used way beyond the duration of the course

◆ an Alumni program to stay in touch and follow up after the program is over (peer-to-peer support and accountability to keep you on track)


+ lifetime access to the course content and all future updates at no additional investment


If you get on the waitlist now and I will notify you once doors open!



For the sake of understanding we will do the mastermind and course in English. However, we can do the private coaching session in English, German, Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese.



Yes, if...

  • you are committed to yourself, your own well-being and happiness as well as having good intentions for others
  • you are willing to connect with your intuition and to possibly enhance this connection
  • you can imagine your heart, mind & soul being aligned for your dreams. You don't need to be there yet, but deep down inside you you know it's possible
  • you are willing to do the inner work and to take inspired action on the outside when needed

No, if...


  • you refuse to use or rely on anything else than your conditioned and linear mind
  • you cannot imagine seeing things from another perspective
  • you are not willing to feel into your heart or access your intuition
  • you are not willing to do the inner work
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