Time for Expansion! 



Your Magic is waiting to be woven into Reality.



Life would feel good. Fun. Purposeful.

You would know where to channel your abundant love, energy and creativity into.

You would know and own your unique strengths, gifts and talents without being afraid to shine brightly.

You would be doing what you loved. You would be feeling deeply fulfilled and satisfied on heart and soul levels.

By doing what you loved and sharing your unique strengths, gifts and talents, you would uplift and inspire others to do the same, and have a beautiful impact on the lives of others beyond the scope that you can imagine yet.

It’s all available to you. 

What sometimes happens…

…we get in our own ways. We self sabotage our success.

Out of

* fear of failure
* fear of success
* not feeling worthy
* fear of being seen
* fear of ‘outshining’ loved ones or peers
*  a subconscious ‘loyalty bind’: someone you love or respects a certain goal is not possible or achievable. You subsconsiously don’t want to disappoint this person / prove them wrong, and thus sabotage your success.


…we just don’t know where to start.

* Things feel overwhelming to begin with, we don’t know what to pay attention to, what we really need and what we don’t, where to find it, etc.
* There’s so much information all over the place it’s simply too much, and your time and energy would be way better used in things that you actually love doing and are passionate about instead of spending hours researching on the internet, without ever getting to satisfying results.




Your focus and attention are a little bit scattered sometimes.

It’s easier with an accountability partner, yet you want to pull this off by yourself.

And you would really like to learn how to direct your focus, attention and energy on what truly serves you – for every aspect of your life.


Ideas run wild, you are highly creative.

Yet how to channel this creativity into a working project? 


Procrastination gremlins love to visit sometimes, and you just can’t get yourself to taking aligned action… or seeing what options for the next right aligned action there are.

How things could look like instead…

A package that includes…


Tools, tips & strategy that 

✔ work for YOU.

✔ inspire, motivate, JOY you.

✔ are high quality.

✔ combine business with spirituality.

✔ are condensed and packaged in easily digestible ways.

 ✔ are completely adjustable to YOUR needs and individual personality.

In combination with the coaching…

✔ …of someone who sees us deeply: who sees us in our individuality, who knows what we are going through, what we need, where our potential blind spots are and how we can go about them.

…of someone who sees our strengths, gifts and talents – and reminds us of them, mirrors them to us and CELEBRATES them with us.

…of someone who can give us exactly the right inspiration when needed and answer questions on demand along the way.

…of someone who we can bounce ideas off with that may be too outrageous for the general public.

 …of someone who can help us to release limiting beliefs and blockages from the root – so we can get out of our own way with lasting effects, and integrate the internal work we are doing as LASTING transformation.

…of someone who holds us accountable. No more procrastination. No more scattering. Focused attention, love, joy and results instead.



Letting it be faster, easier, smoother and more fun than ever before.


So you can…

✔ …realize your vision.

 ✔ …know exactly what to do YOUR way with guidance.

 ✔ …learn to trust and hear your intuition clearly.

 ✔ …capitalize on your strengths, gifts and talents.

 ✔ …do things that are fun and soul aligned: Doing what you love and sharing your gifts. 

✔ …identify and release potential blockages when they come up.

✔ …open yourself up to more and more possibilities and expansion.

✔ …feel truly satisfied and fulfilled on heart and soul levels. 



Hi! I’m NANI

I love to help people make their dreams and creative projects come true!

One of my biggest gifts is seeing people deeply.

I see their potential. I see their strenghts, gifts and talents.

I have a great feeling for what works for a person, and what doesn’t. 

I am PASSIONATE about the uniqueness of people. And I truly believe in a world where everyone can do what they love, and each of our unique strengths, gifts and talents perfectly complement each other. 

This is the Vision I am working towards. By doing what I love, by sharing my unique strengths, gifts and talents and by helping others to do the same – guided by our essence. The absolute, and the individual expression of Soul.

My wish is for you to live a truly heart and soul fulfilling life, where you get to express your Soul, what’s within you, and experience a whole lot of JOY, FUN, and LOVE doing it!

In my coaching practice I combine

* Tips, tools and strategy from my formal background in business, management, leadership and motivation psychology
* Intuitive healing and energy techniques to get to the bottom of things and uproot blockages and limiting beliefs from the root
* Advanced yogic techniques to channel and focus your energy
* Human design


My clients report that they most love about working with me

* that they are deeply seen for who they are, and encouraged in their unique strengths, gifts and talents: thus, operating from their center of power.
* that I give them a combination of structure, strategy and tools with deeply intuitive guidance that honors THEIR flow and rhythm and helps them progress with FUN, EASE and JOY instead of pressure and stress.
* I help them focus on what’s important and relevant instead of butting their heads up against stonewalls and draining their energy on things that are not aligned for them.
* the incredibly loving space I create, and the transformative ‘life changing’ power of this energy.


What working with me looks like

A 3 months’ deeply transformational and truly magical experience


◆ Weekly sessions via zoom or in person.

◆ Text and voice message support in between – reply within 24 hours (it’s like having ‘a Nani in your pocket’).

◆ Weekly workbooks and practices adjusted to your goals & needs

◆ Optional: Daily energy healing sessions to be accessed in the morning.



to help you see, highlight and share your unique strengths, gifts and talents and get you where you want to be in your life, heart and soul business.


to move the needle, identify and release what’s in the way and take the right relevant action.


to connect deeper with your essence, your heart, your soul and your intuition and to channel and direct your energy with precision and efficiency.



◆ Assessment of your superpowers according to your human design.

◆ A personal morning practice to set your energy.

◆ Intuition training: Learning to tune in with, listen to and trust your intuition.

◆ Upon completion of our time together: Access to an exclusive Alumni program.


 what your intention is and how you desire things to be



tell me about your dreams, gifts, strengths, passions and visions! 



I’ll get back to you shortly and together we’ll make things happen! Time to thrive!

Apply here and we will schedule a call to see if we are a good fit!


“I did a intense one month training with Nani. She is amazing and really did transform me and my life. I now listen to my heart and my truth! Being in her energy really opens new doors.”

I.G., Canada


“Nani is helping me setting up my soul business. It is so beautiful how she combines her business knowledge and experience together with intuition and flow. Parts in setting up my business gave me resistance. Doing the process by myself it felt strenuous and had, and it felt I did not get out the results I desired. Yet with Nani’s help, the whole process feels joyful, light, and easy! She shapes the steps in a way that aligns with me and communicates it perfectly to the ideal client. My strength is now totally reflected in my actions and content. Getting the feeling right, communicating the message that touches the heart. Her feedback and support is incredibly valuable and so right! She brings so well things into perspective!
As a man, I would normally first think of a male business coach who can push me forward, to do the things I need to do and hold me to strict deadlines. But Nani, she makes the whole process fun, by totally aligning every step of the way with me. Now that I have experienced this, I would not want it differently. Instead of being pushed, she makes me flow and work from my center of power, and challenges me into inspired action. It is such a joy and privilege working with this amazing woman and incredibly beautiful soul.”

R., Netherlands


“Working with Nani is really wonderful. I feel like all my emotions and things I want to share are welcome. And I feel Nani is super loving. She helps me dig deep into my emotions and after every session with her I feel a wonderful positive shift. A lot of emotions also come up after the sessions. The nicest thing is that Nani is so incredibly motivating! That helps me to start my own coaching business even though I need to get out of my comfort zone. The deep emotional work also helps me to advance business wise.”

A., Germany


“Nani has such a loving, beautiful energy. I felt safe with her since we first connected – she has a very kind way of holding space, while helping me navigate through my journey. Through different practices she helped me connect with my soul, my feelings and also the present moment.”

F., Hawaii


“I’m so thankful for the session with you this morning. That was sure nice. I felt petty good and special… all day long actually. If you wonder what, I felt so calm all day long (…) I was so calm and somehow I felt connected to my core. I feel very close to my chest, to my heart. It was a very nice experience and it stayed all day long. And I’m very amazed with that.”

V., Sweden


“I believe it was time that you opened these doors, to a consciousness that I had closed. I truly believe so. I believe this is one of the most amazing things because I feel it’s bringing back an incredible power that I have within me.”

N., Canaries


“The Session with you was amazing. I felt so good and loved. You made me feel comfortable and guided me through my heart and inner self, helped me get centered and reconnect to Mother Earth. After our session took me a couple days to process, but after I felt so good and help. My anxiety went down and I was more relaxed. I’m so grateful for you and your amazing gift. I have been practicing the ground meditation that you suggested and it help me a lot to balance my energy. I’m beyond grateful, thank you so much!!! Much love from Brazil! ❤️.”

A.T., Brazil


“Today I am even more amazed than yesterday because… the energy goes more and more and more and more. I am super happy and I feel very peaceful, very calm. But I also feel a lot of energy and a lot of power within me.”



“Practicing with Nani is like dropping into a deep portal beyond space and time. Her practice is highly devotional and gets me zoned into the present moment as not many can do. Her superpower is that she always comes from the heart and projects an unconditionally loving energy into her sessions that feel soothing and like a grandmother’s hug.”

A. M., California


“My Spirit is soaring and unfolding in ways that become uniquely possible through your presence, authentic sharing and provocative inquiry.”

L., Canada


“I really am very, very surprised… at how things have changed in just two weeks. It has been something amazing. And my ability to see…wow…to see what happens with me and my ability to integrate every thing that is happening.”

N., Canaries


„I would 100 percent recommend everyone to work with Nani if they are lucky enough to get the opportunity! (…) I can’t explain how amazing she is, she is the kindest, caring and most beautiful person!”

A. T., Australia


“It’s beyond words that I can explain. I feel like I sifted out a lot of stuff that was going on in my mind. It was so releasing. It felt like a natural flow and I felt better afterward, much better.”

E.K., Colorado


“Nani is a strong radiant soul who has remarkable access to the subtleties of existence. Her intuitive teaching and guidance through powerful yogic practices give rise to profound insights and new states of consciousness in those who remain open to their own evolution.”

L.M., Canada


“You are wonderful Nani, really. You make me cry. Because you understand so perfectly everything that is going on with me. I don’t think anyone has ever understood me as much as you. It’s just… you get it perfectly and you always tell me what I need to hear. And when I listen to you, it fills my heart and you give me so much light. I really can’t explain it, it’s incredible.”



“Having one on one sessions really allowed me to focus and I felt both mentally and physically rejuvenated after them.

V.T., Australia


Yes, if...

  • you are committed to yourself and your own well-being.
  • you are willing to connect with your intuition.
  • you can imagine your heart, mind & soul being aligned.
  • you are willing to put in the work where relevant.
  • you are willing to shift out of things that don't serve you anymore.
  • you are willing to see things, especially yourself, with love.
  • you are willing to see your gifts.
  • you are ready to embark on a journey towards your self.
  • you are ready to commit.
  • you are committed to your path, well-being and happiness and ready to invest in yourself.

No, if...

  • you actually like living with doubt, fear and anxiety.
  • you are not willing to use anything else than conditioned and linear thought processes. 
  • you are not willing to take responsibility for your life, happiness or actions.
  • you are not ready to commit to your self and your own well-being, follow-up and put in the work where relevant and necessary.

 Life Purpose & Calling

  • they feel stuck in finding a direction in life that feels aligned with heart & mind, for example in lifestyle & career
  • they have a vision for their lives, feel pulled towards it with their hearts but have doubts & fears in their mind
  • they are confused by too many options 
  • they feel a lack of motivation for the things they are currently doing and either want to find motivation back or readjust to a different path

(Re-)Connecting with Self & Intuition

  • they would like to connect more to their hearts & intuition for guidance and wisdom in general
  • they know what they want, but they don’t know how to get there or fluctuate up and down
  • they feel they are battling between their hearts and minds and would like to align them so they can take empowered action
  • they would like to feel safe & supported to be themselves, express themselves, share their hearts and shine their magic

Self-worth, Confidence & Relating

  • they are confused by other's people's behaviour
  • they feel guilty for being happy and dim their lights instead of shining them out
  • they feel unsupported in the decisions they made by loved ones & social environment
  • they know they're sabotaging their success but don't know why (e.g. through procrastination, negative self talk, etc)


 Clarity & confidence 

  • insight and clarity on what they really want, their unique gifts, their inner gold
  • courage, confidence, staying power to follow through on their dreams
  • clarity on and access to their inner resources
  • knowing they are worthy of love and to co-create a reality they deeply enjoy and desire

Heart, soul, body & mind aligned strategies to turn their intentions into reality 

  • powerful tools to set the energy and tone for the day right from the morning
  • streamlining commitment & courage with heart & intuition
  • thriving from a place of self love instead of surviving from a place of perceived not-enougness
  • deep connection with their bodies, hearts and intuition
  • goals and intentions are guided by soul

Increased inner peace, happiness & well-being

  • deep trust in their own capacity
  • confidence to stand up for themselves no matter what
  • self-forgiveness, kindness & compassion towards the self and others
  • more harmonious relationships due to increased understanding, love & acceptance
  • the ability to set clear boundaries and speak their truth with love, not being taken advantage of anymore





English, German, Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese.



Use the application form to set your intention and get in touch with me.


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Heart & Soul Business Coaching 
Energy Work 

I help big hearted, wonderful beings to know and share their gifts - in ways that are heart and soul fulfilling, deeply satisfying, fun and uniquely tailored to THEM!