Yoga and Retreats with Nani are a luxury blend of exotic and tailor-made practices. Combining sophisticated ancient practices from the Himalayas with Western-known approaches, each journey is a unique combination that rejuvenates body, mind and soul. Private clients or Retreat guests will be led deep into their selves to maximise wellbeing on all levels: The physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual. Treat yourself or your Retreat guests to this exclusive experience!
* Certified RYT500+ Yoga Yeacher in Himalayan Yoga, Hatha/ Vinyasa and Aerial Yoga
* Over 4 years of teaching experience at Luxury Retreats & Premium 1:1 Clients
* Over 14 years of experience in personal development & spiritual practices
* Custom-made 1:1 Programs, Workshops or Retreats

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind Wellness program for your 5 star resort, venue or event?

Look no further and discover what we can do in the pdf.


“Nani is a strong radiant soul who has remarkable access to the subtleties of existence. Her intuitive teaching and guidance through powerful yogic practices give rise to profound insights and new states of consciousness in those who remain open to their own evolution.”

– L., Canada

“Practicing with Nani is like dropping into a deep portal beyond space and time. Her yoga practice is highly devotional and gets me zoned into the present moment like not many can do. Her commitment to this work is clear by her physical strength and knowledge of yoga yet her superpower is that she always comes from the heart and projects an unconditionally loving energy into her classes that feel soothing and like a grandmothers hug.”

– A., California, USA

“I’m so thankful for the session with you this morning. That was sure nice. I felt petty good and special… all day long actually. If you wonder what, I felt so calm all day long (…) I was so calm and somehow I felt connected to my core. I feel very close to my chest, to my heart. It was a very nice experience and it stayed all day long. And I’m very amazed with that.”

– V., Sweden

My experience of practicing with Nani was amazing. It is hard to explain what an amazing teacher she is, she took us through a sequence that stretched out exactly all the parts of my body that were feeling tight and was able to tweak the exercises to suit me, giving little tips along the way, that allowed me to really feel a difference in the movements.

But what’s more, it felt as if Nani was guiding us from within her heart and soul and you can really feel that through the whole session. The way she leads us through the poses and gets us to feel the difference, it was done with love and inspiration. We ended the session with some breathing exercises designed to help with surfing and these were amazing! I honestly could not believe what a difference the concept of taking 7 sips of breath in deep into your whole chest made to my breathing! And how still and grounded I felt at the end.”

– A., Australia

The classes helped me so much with my surfing, to feel looser on the waves and a lot more powerful and balanced. The stretches we did for shoulders and backs really helped me with my paddling. The breathing exercises have helped me to stay calm during a big wipeout . However, the sessions are not only helpful for surfing, but out of the water too – making my whole body and self feel content, relaxed, grounded and powerful – ready to face any challenge!

I would 100 percent recommend everyone to practice with Nani if they are lucky enough to get the opportunity! I can’t explain enough how amazing she is, not just as a yoga teacher, but she is the kindest, caring and most beautiful person.”

– A., Australia

Nani was able to tailor some specific exercises and poses for me and led me through these sessions which I found extremely helpful. 

Having one on one sessions really allowed me to focus and I felt both mentally and physically rejuvenated after them. 

My hip improved, my surfing improved and the whole experience of the trip was heightened by these sessions.”

– V., Australia

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